Welsh Streets, Liverpool

The Welsh Streets are a group of original Victorian terraced streets in the Toxteth area of central Liverpool. Since 2002 their future has been under threat. The Housing Market Renewal Initiative (HMRI), a controversial government scheme, sought to demolish more than 400 homes in the area to make way for modern homes with a perceived greater value. The city council placed compulsory purchase orders on many of the houses, which led to the eviction of residents and empty streets. The Scheme lost government funding in 2011 leaving the area, like many others in the North of England, in a sate of dereliction-limbo. In 2015 Liverpool City Council’s bid to demolish and rebuild was blocked by the then secretary of state for communities, Erick Pickles. Since then some houses have been renovated and are set to be lived in once more however many homes still lie empty and neglected, casualties of the HMRI scheme.